Cured egg yolk – day 17

Cured yolk - day 17The yolks have entered their final stage – out of the cure and into the muslin. I don’t have one of those cheffy meat cupboards (shocking omission, to be remedied in my next kitchen) so they are hanging at the back of the fridge. This is probably a little colder than the ideal, but I’m sure they will dry out nicely. They look so good hanging there it’s going to be very hard to keep my hands off them for the minimum of two weeks they seem to need…

1 thought on “Cured egg yolk – day 17”

  1. Thanks so much! It seems important to be extra precise when working to preserve raw ingredients, so I’m glad you appreciate that. I hope it is helpful to your sister – and let her know she can contact me any time through the site if she wants to discuss it in more detail.


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