Cured egg yolk – day 10

IMG_1581I’ve managed to resist disturbing my yolks for almost a week. It’s definitely time to see what they’ve been up to.

Left undisturbed for a respectable interval the salt and sugar mix has set much more firmly – as hard as a rock in some places. I dug the yolks out quite cautiously, with the help of a blunt-edged teaspoon. Of course, after more than a of week dry-curing the yolks are now so firm that they are almost hard – certainly tough enough to withstand some pressure, so I needn’t have worried.

The main point of interest (beyond the fact that they are nearly ready for the second stage) is that the flatter side has now become concave, and those edges are noticeably paler than the centre, which is still a strong orangey-yellow.

I’ve turned them once again and re-buried them for their final few days in the cure.

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