Cured egg yolk – day 3

IMG_1411I love that fact that these yolks are so forgiving of my daily interference. Most things I’ve ever decided to steep, cure or macerate have needed to go into a permanently sealed container and rest in the darkness of a cool cupboard, quiet and undisturbed, until I’ve almost forgotten about them. It is so much more fun to be able to check in every day – almost like the thrill of those nature programmes where someone has somehow got a hidden camera inside the nesting box or the platypus’ burrow. Or at least that’s my excuse for this rather obsessive behaviour…

IMG_1416I have two observations today. The first (perhaps obvious one) is that the rate of shrinkage is clearly relative to the original size of the yolk, so it is very easy to see which is the duck, as it is visibly larger than the other two (hen’s). The second is that (like yesterday) the side facing down in the cure retains the proud curved surface of the fresh yolk (which you can see in the second picture), while the top is starting to collapse and flatten out (as in the first). All the pictures I’ve seen of the final product show something quite flat on both surfaces, but this observation encourages me to keep turning them to see if I can influence the final shape. Yay! I’ve found an official, food and presentation related reason to keep on interfering!

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